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Expertise in Insight Start-ups

Stone Silo has a solid track record of creating, building and selling enduring insight businesses in industries where social, economic and environmental drivers overlap. Start-ups have included Emerging Energy Research, a leader in renewable energy insight, Bluefield Research, analyzing greenfield opportunities in water stressed regions, and Pyramid Research, the premier research firm analyzing telecoms in emerging markets.

Stone Silo advises early stage companies that provide insight services – industry data and analysis, competitive intelligence, market research, forecasting, strategy advisory, etc. -- to businesses, governments and other organizations.

Stone Silo works closely with insight entrepreneurs to accomplish critical milestones toward value creation, including the following:

  • understanding and developing unique value propositions

  • improving research methodologies, data organization, product architecture, sales and marketing strategies

  • developing and honing client engagement strategies

  • supporting financing strategies from capital raise to exit

We look to partner with insight principals who may benefit from our experience, our leadership profile, and our capital.

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